Why BrassWind?

BrassWind is the name of the Lincoln's sailboat and is at the heart of their marketing. The BrassWind name comes from Richard's (or 'Lincoln' as he is known) classical trumpet playing and the families love of sailing. Our online gallery features Michigan artisans & craftsman including the works of the gallery owners ~ wooden boat builder, Richard Lincoln and his wife who is a web writer & graphic designer for BrassWind Designs.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Arts & Adventure in Indian River, Michigan

Our new venture,  Arts and Adventure Paddlesports at BrassWind Landing, in Indian River, Michigan features Native Watercraft kayaks and Liquid Logic kayaks with paddles from Bending Branches,  Stand Up Paddleboards from Dolsey Ltd Surf Gear and Pau Hana Surf Company.  Custom wood boats from BrassWind BoatWorks,  Chesapeake Bay Light Craft and Mackinaw Watercraft. Sprayskirts and accessories from Seals, PFD’s, life vests and accessories from Stohlquist. For the Winter of 2011-2012 the Arts and Adventure Paddlesports store is open by chance or by appointment as we complete our renovations. 

We offered Quiet Water Indian River Trips and Wilder Sturgeon River Trips during hte summer season of 2011 and will be offering river trips and rentals for 2012. The Sturgeon River  is the fastest river in Northern Lower Michigan. We offer Kayak Lessons, Liquid Logic, Native Watercraft Kayaks and Custom Wood Boats & accessories, Bending Branches Paddles, Retail Sales. Location: 45.408617 Latitude /  -84.614235 Longitude in downtown Indian River, Michigan nestled between Burt Lake and Mullett Lake on the Michigan Inland Waterway.  Kayak Rentals by day or week to your cottage or home.

Fine Art Paintings & Prints, Sculptures and Photography featuring ArtPrize Artists Sheree Lincoln, Ron Head and Ana Lazovsky. Commissions accepted. Unique Gift Shop & Gallery. Hand beaded jewelry & hair sticks, soy candles, hand poured soap, beeswax lip balm, salt scrubs, The Designer Comb, a fair trade,  South African hand beaded hair clips and other gifts. The gallery is almost ready to open as I write this in December of 2011. Visit our website for updates and to shop in our online store coming soon.  www.artsandadventure.com

Richard Lincoln wood boat builder at BrassWind BoatWorks offers classes & workshops to build tape seam wood boats. Poly and Wood boats for sale or rent. Custom orders for Chesapeake Bay Light Craft designed boats. Ask about wood boat time share program.

Web Designer Sheree Lincoln creates artistic and professional websites.  Visit BrassWind Designs website at www.brasswindweb.com  Got WordPress?  Easy Edit CMS Website. She also accepts commissions for paintings.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Arts and Adventure Paddlesports at Indian River

Art on the Run painting by artist Sheree Lincoln. Featured in ArtPrize 2010.
Now accepting commissions for paintings and portraits.

Custom wood boat builder, Richard Lincoln with his Millcreek 13
built from a Chesapeake Bay Light Craft wood boat plan.

Watch for our new location in Indian River, Michigan. Our new to us building is called BrassWind Landing and will feature an art gallery, gift shop, woodshop for wood boat building (wood boats and wood boat kits), signs and architectural accents (like 3d carved cabinet faces) and kayak rentals and sales. We are a Legacy Paddlesports dealer for Liquid Logic and Native Watercraft with Bending Branches Paddles.  Visit our new website at www.artsandadventure.com to watch our progress.

Monday, September 27, 2010

ArtPrize We are there!!!

Well, I am there. Or at least I have the ArtPrize entry: Art on the Run a fluid acrylic painting on watercolor paper featuring the Jansma Friesian Horses.  http://www.artprize.org/artists/public-profile/2836 . My husband, Richard Lincoln has been there helping me. We had a booth at the ArtPrize Art Fair this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Met lots of artists and other great people too. Even had a cameo appearance in a Funamals movie by Amy Hofacker. You can see her at ArtPrize too.

ArtPrize goes through October 9th. You can vote for as many people as you want until Wednesday the 29th. That is when they narrow it down to 10 finalists and the race is on.

Here are some other images from my entry. There is the painting above and then there was the process.

The mares from Jansma Friesians have a companion Gelding who is showing at the Keuring for Friesian Horses tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ionia Fairgrounds.  I did not know, when I was painting Art on the Run, that they actually run the Friesians. I hope to be there tomorrow.

The Lake Michigan Art Walk is coming up again with a special Christmas show at the Frauenthal Performing Arts Center in Muskegon, Michigan.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Lake Michigan Art Walk

Local TV coverage of the 2nd Lake Michigan Art Walk held at the Frauenthal Performing Arts Center. Sheree and Richard Lincoln from the BrassWind Gallery along with Chef Debra Ward - the Other French Chef, sculptors Michael Ward and Ron Head particpated along with 16 other artists from West Michigan.  Check out the video link to the local TV coverage on WZZM.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leukemia Benefit Arts & Crafts Show

Arts & Craft Show 1st Weekend in June at Grandma's Place B and B east of Cadillac in Falmouth, Michigan.  Great people, beautiful Bed and Breakfast on an old farm owned by Deb. The Art filled the outbuildings. The benefit was for the Children's Leukemia Foundation who has been Helping Lynnette  with her Leukemia. Lynnette's husband Mike is partners with Deb in an art gallery at the B & B.We were very busy so did not have time to take pictures in all the buildings and on the grounds.

Of course I am always attracted to the horses so took their pictures.  There were many artists and crafters with all kinds of great items from jewelry  to carved  wood ducks, paintings, photography, fly tieing and more.

Visit www.grandmasplacebandb.com

Take a trip to relax, visit with the lambs and smell the flowers! visit her website for a video from the local TV news!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Lake Michigan Art Walk in Muskegon!

The Muskegon Chronicle helped us get the word out about the new Lake Michigan Art Walk events. A group of West Michigan artists including the BrassWind Gallery Artists Sheree and Richard Lincoln, as well as Ron Head and Perry Seavitt, will be participating.  Artist Bryan Snuffer is organizing the event.

Read more on his Blog at:

Here is the latest article from the Muskegon Chronicle:


Monday, April 12, 2010

What is a Southpaw? Or Famous Baseball Sayings.

Why is the left handed pitcher called a Southpaw you may have wondered? In most parks the expensive seats are in the cool shade of the summer afternoon. Chicago’s West side park is orientated so that it is open to the East. The hand on the arm of pitcher waiting to throw the ball to the West would his southern hand or south paw. A humorist named Finley Dunn coined this term in 1887 at that very park.

Texas Leaguer – 2nd rate player – because the Texas league was 2nd rate. The fields were gigantic and without fences. The outfielders would have to position themselves way out in the field or Deep so that almost nothing could get over their heads. The Batters would then just bloop it in with a soft hit ball where it would land fly and land like a “dying quail” or a “humpback liner” dropping the ball at the feet of the outfielder leaving the opinion that it wasn’t earned.

And then there is the batter; if you’re really good you want to hit a “frozen rope”. Picture exactly that, a rope you left lying in the snow. It would be frozen completely straight and that is what the batter would want, a very hard hit line drive that fly straight and low.

Spanish speaking fans have interesting nicknames for baseball. A fly ball is “a little dove” or palomita. A catcher is a “stopper” or parador, a pitcher is a “launcher” or lanzador. The infielders are the “Gardeners” (Jardineros) and you will find the “Forest Rangers” (bomberos) in the outfield.

Bush League – out in the bush – minor league – where there was little money for maintaining the fields so the grass grew tall like in a hay field and the balls rolled through it like woodchucks running for cover.

Dial 8 – home run balls hit so hard that you had to “dial 8” to get them back. Back in the day when there were still rotary dial phones a hotel guest would have to “dial 8” to get long distance.

The “K” was a swinging strike out – the batter swung and missed on the 3rd strike . Many baseball fans know that Dr. K was the New York Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden. But calling a strike out a “K” came from much farther back than that – back to the days when communication was by telegraph. A special short hand developed to get the news of the game out in just a few keystrokes. It was published in Chadwick’s Association Score Card in 1865 and was developed by Henry Chadwick, a famous sports book writer. The k is the prominent letter in strike. An “L” was a foul. An “F” was a fly, if you were had a putout on first base it was “A”, 2nd was “B” and you guessed it, 3rd base was “C”. This book eventually evolved into the Spalding’s Official Baseball Guide. Today a numbering system is used for keeping score. So the today a routine double play at short would be a 5-4-3.

The Backwards “K” – the humiliating 3rd strike out! This was the play that Earnie Harwell, the Hall of Fame Radio announcer for the Detroit Tigers would address by saying, “the batter just stood there like a house by the side of the road”. Other’s might have said he stood there “like a wooden Indian” or the “Statue of Liberty” At the same time Earnie might say “he swung at that one like an old rusty gate” when the batter didn’t swing well.

And then there is the “Wally Pip”. Wally Pip was the player who had a head ache one day and let newcomer Lou Gehrig play in for him. The rest his history; Lou Gehrig became a household name and played in over 4000 games in a row for the New York Yankees almost unheard of in this physically demanding sport. So today taking a day off is called a “Wally Pip”.

Baseball Fans: What is the old time name for a 5-4-3 or a double play combo at short? Email victor@newpage.net and let us know you are listening. As Harry Caray would say, “"Hello again, everybody. It's a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball."